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Code of Conduct

At Raw Element Dance, LLC, we offer a vigorous, intense and fun atmosphere that operates in a positive, respectful, and nurturing environment.  In order to develop and enforce our code of conduct, we ask all of our students and their parents to abide by the following guidelines.

Dancer Rules of Conduct”


  • will NOT FIGHT!!!

  • will be respectful to one another

  • will arrive to practice on time

  • will not miss class except for valid reasons

  • will have 100% no talking or playing while instructors are teaching or speaking

  • shall bring bottled water to class and/or events 

  • shall not dance in sandals, flip-flops or bare feet

  • shall not chew gum or bring food into practice dance area

  • will keep cell phones off or on mute during class time

  • will clean up after themselves and respect the practice area

  • will not judge, gossip or put down other dancers

  • shall not do anything inappropriate on Social Media

  • shall not participate in any internet/text messaging bulling

  • shall not bring unauthorized guest in practice or events backstage

  • shall arrive at events wearing the appropriate RE attire

  • shall not wear jewelry during class

  • will maintain good conduct and indoor voices while in the lobby

  • will use proper language and show good sportsmanship at all times

  • shall manage emotions – act as young ladies and gents during class and outside of class.

Parents Responsibilities


  • get your child(ren) to practice and/or events on time

Be prompt in picking up your child(ren) after practice and/or events

  • email advance absences and call/text last minute absences

  • Encourage practice at home

  • keep valuables and jewelry at home

  • Pay accounts on time to prevent late fees being issued

  • remember if you wish to speak to Poca, try to refrain until after practice or send a message to the company email

  • Avoid gossiping amongst fellow parents or dancers about other dancers or parents, this can spread misinformation.  

  • If you need to discuss a situation or need general information please call the parent liaison

  • review our policies and code of conduct with your child(ren) to help them understand why it is important for everyone to follow the rules