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Welcome to the Choreo Corner !

 Get to know the choreographers of Raw Element Dance company , catch up on latest class demonstrations and even learn some routines from one of our classes.

Our Team

Masters of converting coffee into customer satisfaction

Melajero SHO Williams 

Chosen1 youth company Choreographer 
Raw Element Alumni SHO has a strong commercial presence and skill that is remarkable ! His Choreography is upbeat and hype and just enough energy and swag  to make you want to SHOW OFF those  moves .

Arrington EntertainA Lassiter 

Cool Kidz Teen company Choreographer  
Rated Adult company member & Raw Element alumni  EntertainA has slick  moves and alot of bold choreography to push your confidence level up ! You can see his moves on RatedR adults as well as the Cool Kidz teen company . Lets Entertain!! 

Camal C-Note Pugh

Raw Element Head Teacher 
Camal Pugh has choreography and knowledge for days to keep you up to speed on upcoming classes and workshops . Camal bring Technique fundamentals and Stage insight from his industry clients and applies the new information into the company .